Get Notification Everytime Someone Unfriends you on FB

Users on Facebook are increasing Day by Day. We all tend to Spend Time on Facebook. We like to be friends with as many people as can. On an Avg Each user have 100-150 People in their Friend list. This number may be quite low, because many people now a days likes to be friend with unknown people too.

Though There is a limit of having 5.000 Friends on Facebook for each user. Not many people would reach this milestone. Facebook Notifies you when you send friend request to someone and they accept it. They also notifies you if you have any New Friend request from others but 1 thing that Facebook don’t do is that you will not be able to see Who Unfriend you and when. 

It Remains Mystery, You will not know until one day you find that person in your friendlist by his/her name. But Thanks to Extension Developers we have Chrome Extension that Notifies you if someone Unfriends you. Let us see some steps so that next time if someone removes you from thier friend list you will get a notification.

Step 1:

Download and Install  Unfriend Notify on Facebook Free Extension in Chrome.

Step 2:
Simply Click Here to go to  the Extension in Chrome Webstore and Click on Free or Add to Chrome Button then click Add in the Popup.
Step 3:
The Extension will now Start Downloading and you will the then see its been installed on your Chrome Browser. A new page will open, there just click on Activate.
Step 4: 
Now to see if the extension is been added successfully, go to your Timeline by clicking on your Name on your facebook. Click on Friends, You will see a new tab with name “Lost Friends” added there.



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