How to download APK files of Android apps directly from Google Play without Google account

Google Play is a common way to install apps on Android devices. Almost all Android phones and tablets are shipping with Google Play preinstalled. The content in the Google Play store is not limited to software. It also includes books, music and other goodies which vary from country to country. If you own an Android phone, probably you have it preinstalled. One limitation of the Google Play store is that you cannot download APK files of the desired app directly. In this article I will show you how you can directly get the APK file which installs the app from Google Play.

You may encounter various situations when you need those APK files. One reason is that the Play store checks your device capabilities before you download the app. It may prevent you from downloading the app if your device is not officially supported by the app even if it fits the requirements. Another scenario where you may want the APK files is if your device came with no Google services at all! This is a common situation for many inexpensive, low end tablets where the device manufacturer has not obtained a license from Google to ship the tablet with the Play store.

A third possible case is that you may have Google Play pre-installed on your phone or tablet, but you get some error message when you try to download that app from Google Play. In any of these situations, you can try to directly download the APK file of the desired app.

Once you download the APK file, you will be able to install it from the local storage of your phone or tablet. To get the APK file, use APK Downloader, a free web service which can retrieve APKs of freeware apps from the Play store. All you need is application’s ID from the web url of the desired app which you can copy using the browser:
google play store app url

Paste this URL into the form on the APK Downloader site and press the Enter key. You will get a link to the direct download of the APK file.
download apk file
That’s it.

So, when you cannot use the Play store, the APK Downloader is an excellent solution. Using this free service, you can get apps from Google Play which are not available for your Android device.


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