Create new project without eclipse

If you’re not using the Eclipse IDE with the ADT plugin, you can instead create your project using the SDK tools from a command line:

  1. Change directories into the Android SDK’s tools/ path.
  2. Execute:
    android list targets

    This prints a list of the available Android platforms that you’ve downloaded for your SDK. Find the platform against which you want to compile your app. Make a note of the target id. We recommend that you select the highest version possible. You can still build your app to support older versions, but setting the build target to the latest version allows you to optimize your app for the latest devices.

    If you don’t see any targets listed, you need to install some using the Android SDK Manager tool. See Adding Platforms and Packages.

  3. Execute:
    android create project --target <target-id> --name MyFirstApp \
    --path <path-to-workspace>/MyFirstApp --activity MainActivity \
    --package com.example.myfirstapp

    Replace <target-id> with an id from the list of targets (from the previous step) and replace <path-to-workspace> with the location in which you want to save your Android projects.

Your Android project is now a basic “Hello World” app that contains some default files. 


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